easiest. project. ever.

Recently I ran out of a whole lot of “staples” kinds of things in my kitchen, and thought to myself, “Amy, you should make note of using up the last of this thing you don’t use very often because now you’re out and there won’t be any in the cupboard next time you’re making whatever you’re making right now.”

Instead of heeding that voice, I decided to get all involved in How Best to Solve this Very Important Crisis (instead of picking my phone up off the counter and adding whatever the item was to my ShopShop list. I mean, maybe my hands were sticky.). Isn’t this how all ridiculous home improvement projects are born? Anyway, I went to Home Depot and bought some paint. Then this happened.

first coat

The small wall between my kitchen and the dog room (some people might call it a mud room–those people don’t live with 120 lbs of golden retriever) turned a weird watery black. After coating the entire section, I realized the coverage problem was due to not mixing the paint enough. So I mixed some more, applied the “first coat” again, and waited. Then I applied some more well mixed paint. Then this happened.


So that looks pretty much exactly the same as the previous one, but that’s because of my terrible photography. The hardest part of this whole thing? Waiting THREE WHOLE DAYS for the paint to cure before writing on my new chalkboard. But now! I can make lists!


What? We’re doing a turkey dinner for Christmas this year. I need some weirdo stuff. And I took a picture of my list with my phone so I didn’t have to copy it all into ShopShop. Also, since I am a terrible artist (who painted a chalkboard wall in her kitchen),  I added some cutesy sayings I’d pinned.


Photography! I should maybe learn something about how to do that better. But the blurry photographs make it possible to hide the fact that I didn’t bother to tape anything and got blotches of black paint all over the place (mostly the ceiling). You know I’m never touching that up, right?

I’ve got about half a can of paint left, so I think I’ll do the cupboard doors in the laundry “room” (it’s actually a hallway, but whatevs). The only thing I have to write on them is the recipe for my laundry detergent that I have to look up every time I make more (powdered and liquid). There’s eight doors. More room for “art”!

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